Our clothes are not only for men but also for women who appreciate comfort, minimalism, perfectly tailored smart casual clothes along with an element of elegance and a modern twist.

About us

MILL’S is a brand that was created in Warsaw for modern men and women. Its flagship products are coats and jackets made of natural fabrics including wool, linen and cashmere.

Here at MILL’S we pay attention to accessories made of natural materials such as horns or walnut tree.

Individuals who appreciate comfort and perfectly tailored smart casual clothes will definitely find something for them. MILL’S offers clothes not only for casual business meetings, but also for elegant official ceremonies.



All individuals who appreciate superb craftsmanship of clothes design, natural materials and unique accessories will love MILL’S brand. If you are looking for a unique style and individuality, our hand-sewn products are for you. MILL’S seasonal collections are always adapted to the current, global fashion trends. Needless to say, our unique accessories and high quality fabrics and materials will make you stand out in a crowd!

MILL’S founders

Tomasz Fabijański – founder, originator, and owner.

Tomasz Fabijański studied at the Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design at Lodz University of Technology. He has been managing and overseeing production processes of Polish and foreign companies for over 25 years. Additionally, he has been running his own business for 10 years.

Thomas Fabijański is a passionate tailor who specializes in fashion design and sewing. He is constantly improving his skills and explores the ins and outs of the fashion industry.

MILL’S brand stands for superb craftsmanship and years of experience in making high quality products.

A team of excellent designers and dressmakers

All our colleagues are perfectionists passionate about their work who personally take care of the highest quality design here at our studio located in Szaserów 38 Street in Warsaw – therefore all our products have the original “MADE FOR YOU IN WARSAW!” label.

Anna Kalbarczyk – Public Relations Director.

Anna Kalbarczyk graduated from the University of Warsaw and the Polish Academy of Science. She specializes in public relations and media marketing as well as bears the MBA title. Anna has been working with managers and business owners, advising them in the field of strategy, communication and public relations. In MILL’S, she is responsible for the brand image and relationships with partner companies.